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30 Funny Kitchen Gifts That Are Actually Useful

When we hear someone saying “funny kitchen gifts”, we instantly assume something quirky that may or may not serve a purpose. But, I am of the opinion that no matter what gift you give somebody, it should serve a useful purpose.

If your gift is not serving an actual purpose, it will likely end up in a trash can soon. Because doesn’t matter how funny a gift is, the fun will fade away.
Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 30 kitchen gifts that are funny as well as useful.


1. Beer Tie Hands Free Drinks Holder
A hilarious and must-have item for a beer party. This will make you stand out in a fun way.
And Don’t worry, it is made of waterproof neoprene. It won't make your clothing wet.


2. Han Solo In Carbonite Vinyl Sticker For Refrigerator
From car wipers to guns in PUBG, everything has a skin available.
And now even your fridge can have one. It’s long-lasting and easy to clean, a perfect option for gifting or end-use.


3. World's First Building Brick Baffle Maker
Yes, you can play with your food now, unlike your childhood.
Let your imagination flow and make whatever you want to make with these LEGO-style waffle pieces.


4. Dinosaur Taco Holder Stand
Make your Taco-Tuesday even more fun now. We all hate broken Tacos, but not anymore.
Here are dinosaurs that will hold your Tacos safely for you.


5. Combination Lock Ice Cream Protector
Don't like sharing Ice creams, protect yours with a hilarious Ice cream protector.
A hilarious gift option for all ice cream fans you know.


6. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug
A color-changing mug especially for the loyal fans of Bob Ross. Put something cold in the mug and an image of Bob Ross will remind you to stay calm.
Or put something hot and a beautiful painting of Bob ross will appear to inspire you.


7. No Bitchin In My Kitchen Funny Cooking Apron
The apron is a classic kitchen gift. And this one is just that but with a hilarious twist.
A gift that can be given to anybody and it will do its job.


8. Biggest Coffee Mug Ever
Invite your friends to your place for a coffee. And when they come, surprise them with this Mega coffee mug.
It can store enough coffee for an entire crowd.


9. Hotdog Boy and Marshmallow Girl Campfire Skewer
Arguably the hilarious gift on the list. Take this with you at a campout and I promise this will get everyone laughing on the ground.
Or gift this to a couple going for a campfire ;).


10. Sushi Bazooka Gun Makes Perfect Sushi Rolls Every Time
I am sure you have a Sushi lover in your friend circle. Gift him/her this Sushi Bazooka that will make perfect sushi every time.
Your friend will love this funny yet super useful gift.


11. 100 Dollar Bill Money Napkin
Your place is the next party spot? Put these instead of regular napkins and see the magic.
After all, wiping your face with a $100 bill is no less than magic.


12. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee
Ever since kitchen gifts were a thing, pretty cups were there.
And what's prettier than someone saying their girlfriend is hotter than their coffee.


13. Shark Wine Glasses With Shark Inside Glass
Quirky wine glasses always make a good gift.
Fill this with wine up to fin and your guests will have a shark swimming in their glass. Sounds cool, isn't it?


14. Vinyl Record Coasters For Drinks
Looking for a gift that pleases some music lovers? This one is for them.
These hard-plastic coasters even have songs and artist names related to drinks.


15. Guitar Spatula Black Silicone
Enhance the spark of your friend's cutlery collection with this awesome guitar-shaped spatula.
A gift that will not only look awesome but alsl work awesome.


16. E.M.T Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote
A tiffin box that is impossible to ignore.
Moreover, this tiffin is not just a conversation starter it will also keep your food warm.


17. DAS Shotten Ski Rustic Wood 4 Person Drinking Ski
Gather your friends because now you have a 4 person drinking ski.
You must have seen this in the song Perfect.


18. Star Wars Dark Vader Silicone Oven Mitt
We all have a friend who won't stop talking about Star Wars.
Gift him this super useful oven mitt and he will love it.


19. Marvel Thor Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer
Everybody loves Thor! And this Mjolnir may not give you the power of Thor, it can help you tenderize your meat though.
Any marvel fan is guaranteed to love this.


20. Oreo Mug Ultimate Dunking Gift Set
Not anymore! Now you don't have to carry your Oreos separately.
This Oreo mug will carry your Oreos and mild together, which means you'll have one extra hand.


21. Write On! Baking Decorating Pencil Shaped Tool
Make your cakes truly yours with this creative Pencil shaped tool.
Now you can ice your cakes as you like, just fill the pencil with chocolate and let the artist inside you come out.


22. Unicorn Rainbow Silverware Set
This rainbow-colored silverware set is truly exceptional. It looks like the set is literally dipped in the rainbow.
A perfect gift option for anybody as this set is so eye-catching.


23. Alcohol Gun Aim Shoot and Drink
A gun that shoots alcohol, sounds strange right?
It’s extremely simple though. Just fill the tank and you are ready to shoot alcohol directly into your friend's mouth.


24. The Hulk Fist Drink Kooler
Keep your drinks cool with the power of hulk.
This conversation-starter is a must-have for all Saturday drinks.
Beware your friends might steal this though!


25. Toilet Mug Hilarious Ceramic Coffee Cup
Mugs and Coffee cups are classic kitchen gifts. But not this one.
This mug is toilet shaped, which will crack a few smiles without a doubt.


26. Sunnyside Silicone Egg Shaper
Making breakfast for your loved ones is special. Make it even more special by making breakfast a work of art.
Just pour the egg into the circle and you are done. A subtle way of saying I love you.


27. Toast! Before You Drink Hangover Cure Gummies
Drinks are cool but the problem is their aftermath. Hangover! But, not anymore.
Just use these vegan-friendly gummies and you won't have any hangover the next day. The research proves that!


28. Sumo Wrestlers Egg Cup Holders
Get a little more creative with your breakfast. Just serve the boiled eggs in these red & black egg cup holders and see.
A great way to start the day that will keep everybody's mood throughout.


29. Darth Vader Light Up Chopsticks
No need to say much. Just gift this to anybody and I bet these will be the coolest chopsticks someone has ever seen.


30. Automatic Mini Donut Factory
Got a friend that is crazy for donuts?
Make their dream true by gifting them this mini donut factory.
Just pour the batter and watch mini donuts come out.