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About Us

What is Gift-Feed?

At Gift-Feed we don’t take life too seriously, but what we do take seriously is to bring you the latest and greatest inventions and the coolest products the humans of this planet can come up with. Most of these products are for sale of course so we linked them in for you to buy as gifts for your family and friends it if it’s within your budget.

We don't sell any of the products we feature, and while we receive a small percentage of sales from a few of them, a product's monetary success both before and after its posting on Gift-Feed.com does not concern us. We list only items we think our followers will want to see and read about, and we aim to write fair, unbiased and if necessary, scathing reviews of those we select. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Additionally, we participate in the affiliate programs of Commission Junction and Affiliate Window.

We post 3 new products per day on Gift-Feed, 7 days a week. Please make sure to add us to your Bookmarks and check back often. And if you find yourself wanting a product we haven't yet featured, head over to our Gift Tips form and let us know. We love suggestions, comments, and readers who take part in the community.


The items listed on Gift-Feed.com display a price and corresponding website to purchase the items we list. This pricing is based on the best available information on retail pricing at the time we create the post. Since we do not directly sell products from Gift-Feed.com, we cannot guarantee the ongoing accuracy of pricing or changes in product availability. However, we do our best to keep all information on past and current products accurate and will correct any inaccuracies as soon as they are brought to our attention.

At Gift-Feed we handpick only the best selling, most interesting, most desired, and just plain best products on the web. We do not list products solely for a commission. Our goal is to show the best content possible, and if a product happens to have an affiliate program, we'll apply it, but it has no impact on our decision making. Affiliate links do not impact your cost as a consumer in anyway. Your cost to purchase goods is the same regardless of our affiliate links.

How can you help?

Generally, if it's cool and on the Internet, we'll find it. And if we don't, we hope you'll let us know about it. Just email us any products through our Contact Form and if we agree, we'll list them for everyone to enjoy and give you a big fat mention at the end of the article.