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Samsung THE WALL a 146-inch 4K TV-birthday-gift-for-men-and-women-gift-feed.com

Samsung THE WALL a 146-inch 4K TV

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The MicroLEDs technology allows makers to pair a number of displays together to create larger displays—something traditional LED and OLED displays can’t do. Big display makers like Samsung and Sony have been pushing the product as an alternative to projectors and LEDs in the 80-inch and above realm of displays. Sony showed off a wall of MicroLEDs at CES in 2017 and Samsung showed off the Wall, a 146-inch display, at CES this year.

While THE WALL a 146-inch 4K TV is designed for commercial and luxury spaces like hotels, mansions, or shops, the upcoming household version will be bit more svelte. That version of The Wall should be 30mm thick, nearly two inches thinner than its 80mm commercial version scheduled to launch in September.

Samsung refers to The Wall not as a TV but as a screen or display, and a modular one at that. The Wall will allow for consumers to attach display pieces to it and construct a television as large or small as they’d like, though it’s unclear if that could mean you’ll be able to stick a few 12-foot televisions together.

It will be 30mm thick compared to 80mm for The Wall, and while it's aimed at the luxury home market, "the price will not be as high as people think," said Han.

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