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One Hour of Farting Compilation CD-birthday-gift-for-men-and-women-gift-feed.com

One Hour of Farting Compilation CD

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First of all who listens still to CD? Anyhow if you do than we present to you One Hour of Farting YOUR FAVORITE NEW Compilation CD!! One Hour of the best highest quality butt-busting ever recorded.

You and your friends will love it! FEATURING HUNDREDS OF FART SOUNDS INCLUDING:

• Large Farts • Stinky Wet Farts • Whispery Farts • Quiet Farts • Whistle Farts • Huge Rips • Soda Farts • Air Biscuits • Back Blasts • Barking Spiders • Barn Burners • Wind Breakers • Bubblers • Brown Thunderclaps • Booty Coughs • Big Fat Bung Blasters • Barking Butt Tubas • Butt Yodeling Cheese Cutters • Ancient Duck Calls • Dry Fizzlers • Cornhole Honkers • Car Seat Rippers • Turd Sized Tremors • Two Timin’ Taint Ticklers • Short and Sweet Air Tulips • Old Fashioned Ass Flappers • Old Man Farts

Makes a hilarious gift for white elephant parties! Get it now! Get it now! Get it now!

The One Hour of Farting Compilation CD is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.
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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 16, 2024
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