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Neurostimulation Wellness Headband

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All it takes is a simple tap for the NeoRhythm Neurostimulation Wellness Headband to help you sleep better, feel more energized, and boost your mood.

Without any wires or buttons, NeoRhythm is a gesture-controlled headset for a truly seamless experience.

Backed by two double-blind scientific studies, NeoRhythm features five coils, unlike most devices, that work by stimulating the entire brain area. It works by using dominant and accompanying frequencies, allowing your brain to synchronize. As a result, you can tap into your desired mental state.

This headband can help you calm down in only eight minutes by helping slow your heart rate. It also helps you de-stress, sleep better, and it can boost your energy.

Using the app on your smartphone, you can select which stimulation program you’d like to use to make the most of your day.

From meditation to handling pain to getting an extra pep in your step, NeoRhythm can be used in five different areas to target just what you need. This wellness headband comes with everything you need to get started.

Life is too short to live without the Neurostimulation Wellness Headband. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.
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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 20, 2024
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