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Fake Gold Bar Bullion Paperweight-birthday-gift-for-men-and-women-gift-feed.com

Fake Gold Bar Bullion Paperweight

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We've already heard the words "Not all that glitters is gold." But for those who are obsessed with gold and things that glimmers, this Fake Gold Bar Bullion Paperweight is perfect for you!

This fake glittering gold bar with "Fine Gold 999.9" engraved in the front serves as a paper weight that will give you a sense of wealth every time you keep your banknotes or documents on your table!

Made from stone, epoxy resin and high quality plastic, this gold bullion bar is surely eye catching- any home guest will really stare the moment they walk into the home.

As you décor this shiny gold bar to your home, office, casino or other financial business establishments, expect astounded people asking if it's real or not and then laugh about it later.

A great symbolism of your goal- make more money for a more comfortable life for your cherished family. Also great gag gift for friends and family who loves shiny and shimmering things. 

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Fake Gold Bar Bullion Paperweight.
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Inventory Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024
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