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Dominoes for Kids

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There is nothing better than a real toy to accompany a child's growth. During the process of setting up the toddler dominos blocks and figuring out how it work, dominoes racing game can not only promote their hand-eye coordination, but also encourages problem-solving skills, logical thinking skills and structural space imagination.

The colored dominoes for kids includes 138 domino blocks and 12 additional machine blocks. It’s a great toy that can keep kids’ attention and allow them focus on one thing. With multiple colors and patterns, these dominos for toddlers can be placed in various paths, letting kids’ imagination run wild and enhancing their patience.

Unlike classic toddler dominos only have colored square blocks, TOP BRIGHT kids domino set also has alphabet blocks, math blocks and animal blocks. Excellent for use in learning letters, animals and math game. And it’s also ideal for using as a stacking and building toy. Your kids will keep quiet for hours and create more possibilities. Don't let kids' imagination and creativity be limited.

Nice choice as a whole classic family game in leisure time. Both kids and adults would be obsessed with such a fulfilling domino game. Help you little boy or girl set up the domino racing track, and then let them push one and watch the chain effect of the colored dominoes. The kids dominoes set is recommended for over 3 year old.
The wooden domino set is perfect as birthday gifts, holiday gifts or Christmas gifts for toddlers!

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The Dominoes for Kids is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.
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