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WFH (Working From Home) Essentials

Working from home full-time has its pros and cons. Pro: You can wear sweats all day, every day. It's your space and nobody can tell you otherwise. Cons: There are distractions everywhere.No more free WiFi, internet security, or snacks. It's certainly a trade-off. If you've recently moved to a remote setup and are having trouble adjusting, we're here to get you situated (although we can't really assist you if your main problem is that you're taking too many naps during the day — that one you're going to have to work out on your own. Coffee maybe? 

If you’re like (if not most) but at least some people now who are probably adjusting to your new coworkers (hello hubby and kids!). Check out these few items that may help you to have a comfortable and still a vibe-y set up at home. 


 You might be thinking that you don’t need it since you’re just “at home” anyway. But trust me, the more you get comfortable that you are just a few steps away from your computer, the more it is crucial to get up on time. Make it a good habit to still follow a sleeping and getting up pattern.
You can either set two or three alarms to better WAKE you up. One for you and the other for your families. Forever Say no to delay. Also, it allows you to set weekday mode, which will ring only on Monday to Friday. 




If working from home isn’t part of your typical routine, you might not have a desk. Luckily, desktop stands make working from your common area or even at your kitchen table (no worries, we won’t tell!) much easier on your neck and shoulders by adjusting the angle of your screen. This stand is lightweight and foldable, so in the future it will be a cinch to take it along to a coffee shop for meetings. Save your back and shoulders from heavy lifting by using an electrically powered standing desk converter. The solid, sturdy frame combined with an electric lift system makes transitions effortless and smooth.




You might be taking notes a lot while working at home. In most pencils that are worth anything you can make sure the lead doesn't break by using the pencil properly and only extending the lead out only a little bit past the tip. This is also easier in good pencils that don't push out a bunch of lead out with every click. This of course means that you knock the pencil more often to get more lead out. People don't like to do this. They like to have a nice 2mm of lead out all at once that inevitably breaks when they push too hard, so they end up having to click even more and waste a lot of lead.



This is a great all-around quick cleaning solution for your electronics to clean the dust off without getting it wet. It works easily into the gaps of the keyboard so you don't have to take off all the keys to clean it , it is also great for getting dust off of mouse pads and wrist rests. I also tried this gel to clean those little spaces in my car filled with random crumbs and dog hair and it works amazing. Picked up everything and didn’t leave a residue. 



Okay, maybe this one is off the list for you but if you have the luxury of spending extra money for something, why not try this one? This unique furniture piece is inspired by the streamlined chassis of the World War II fighter planes. The desk is a shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a vintage airplane. Poised as if for take-off, it features an aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid recycled hardwood frame. Three canvas-lined shelves offer ample storage.



You love music even when you are working in the office, and since no one will ever mind while you are at the comfort of your home you ought to own one of these wireless lamps with speakers. Yes, we know that you want it badly so good news that it is wireless. You’ll wonder why you did it any other way. Light of Tree plays music directly from a phone, tablet, desktop using Bluetooth. This Bluetooth speaker features preeminent performance from our dual waveguide technology and access to an entire world of wireless music. Effortlessly stream millions of songs with powerful sound in your favorite playlist. 



Yes, you might be thinking scented what?! It is no joke when we say that everything is possible and everything could actually exist. Forget your favorite stiletto and snickers because you will probably be needing a pair or two of these scented slippers. After a minute in the microwave, these soft plush slippers will emit a relaxing lavender aroma. Filled with all-natural grain and dried French lavender to provide soothing warmth and comfort. Along with grey and ivory, these slippers also come in an on-trend leopard print.



At this very time cold and flu can be extremely alarming then we ever know. Let us make sure that even in your own home you prioritize your safety and security. Make sure that you have access to sanitizers, alcohol and tissues. This is where this cute Tiki Tissue Box Holder will come in handy. Make your little home slash office a safe place. And of course make it a good habit to wash your hands as frequently as possible. 


 Working from home is the norm for plenty of professionals, but for some of us, we're just getting in the groove of working remotely for the first time. So get creative and produce your best work with our home-office essentials