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Top 10 Casio G Shock Watches For Men in 2021

There are hundreds of G-Shock models out there. And finding that perfect one for you will take time. Especially if you're new to the G-Shock world. So we picked out the 10 best G-Shock watches featured in this list based on their Features, Style, price and  Popularity. So, let's get started.

GWF-A1 triple zero Frogman Diver.

This was the first-ever G-Shock to receive an official nickname of its own. It is well-designed, fast and stable. A carbon monocoque case with high strength and low absorbency has been employed to deliver the first frog man featuring an analogue display. The bezel, for example, is made up of at least three separate layered materials, which include a carbon fiber reinforced plastic in black, a glass fiber reinforced plastic in gray, and a new orange-colored glass fiber reinforced plastic. There are four buttons in total, with only those on the left of the case being immediately obvious. The buttons are precise and have a hefty feel to them. It does not have any digital screen, but it has a Bluetooth connection. It’s also really large, with a case size of 56 millimetres and a whopping 19 millimetres thickness. The GWF-A1 triple zero is a surprisingly comfortable timepiece and lighter than it looks, tipping the scales at a mere 119-grams.



GG-Bone hundred-1A3 Mudmaster Sensor Watch.

The Mudmaster series is all about water, dust and mud protection. The design carries extreme ruggedness, robustness, toughness and reliability. The face is surrounded by a resin bezel with a carbon fiber sheet visible through the transparent top layer. The buttons, now without guards around them, are wonderfully tactile and easier to press than before. Each button is covered with a metal protector having a knurled surface that provides prevention for hasty damages. The dial face is accompanied by the mineral screen that helps for better visibility and anti-scratch. The digital display is very vigilant, appealing, and readable.

Large-size of the watch works well but isn’t for all wrists. Despite being solidly built, It is surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 92 grams. There is only so much you can do with the tiny screen on your watch, so Casio has added loads of functionality for the GGB hundred Mudmaster in the G-Shock App.



GA- 21 hundred: Minimalist Analog-Digital.

This octagonal designed analog digital series is made out of high strength resin material and is 11.8 millimetres thin which definitely makes Casio G-Shock GA-21 hundred the thinnest one in the G-Shock family. This exclusive model is constructed with a blacked-out bezel and band with black markers which makes it look even more classier. The buttons are quite easy to operate. All three of the original GA 21 hundred versions have a negative liquid crystal screen with light colored letters. Digital screen is hard to read in direct light but on-your-wrist legibility is fine. The height and width of the watch is considered mid-size, and has a total weight of 51 grams. The heavy-duty shock resistance and 2 hundred -meter water resistance gives it a leg up on its competitors. It has a battery with a life of 3 years, which is not the saddest option. All in all, this watch with an old-school design gives an exceptional performance and is exceptionally comfortable on the wrist.



GBD-H1 triple zero Fitness Smartwatch.

The watch is designed to offer a seamless and autonomous wearing experience. The design is eye-catching and probably very appealing for people who are into the chunky G-Shock look. Chunky resin elements form an angular bumper around the bezel, adding vital protection for the mineral glass screen and enhancing the watch’s shock-resistance. The GBD doesn’t feature a touchscreen, so all interactions are relegated to five physical buttons that encompass the watch. The main screen is a 1.2-inch LCD, overlaid with a monochrome LCD for always-on duties. Real-time activity data such as running and heart rate is displayed on the screen. Despite the size of its case, the G-Shock’s screen is a little too small for the amount of data it displays, while the lack of customisation options is a shame. The app is visually appealing and offers plenty for runners to get their teeth into, but many will be limited by the ability to export data to only a handful of third-party platforms.



G-steel GST-B3 hundred SD-1A Solar Stainless Steel.

This new model adopts tough G shock styling with a disk indicator at 6 o’clock that shows the current mode and charge level, and a front button that completes the overall rugged look. Its layered guard structure boasts a double-layer bezel construction of stainless steel and resin which delivers the hard, sleek beauty of metal while retaining the impact absorption of resin. Highly durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin is added not only to the center case, but also to the front and side button guards, providing even stronger resistance to shocks. A combination of analogue dial and digital display provides easy access to many functions on the watch. The watch is equipped with energy-saving Bluetooth technology, which offers power-saving data transfer at the push of a button. It's solar powered battery can last for approx 6 months after a full recharge. An indicator shows the current battery charge level. This watch is water-resistant over 10 bars or one hundred meters.



GA-one hundred-1A1 Large Analog-Digital Watch.

The GA one hundred is a tactical watch which is designed to be utilitarian. It has a well protected dial and rugged case design. In order to protect it from accidental hits and bumps, Casio covered it with a prominent urethane bezel that can absorb external forces. Large anti-skid buttons add more to provide a smoother user experience. It has good anti glare properties to make viewing time, even in a bright surrounding, easier. You can read the analog display easily from any angle because the white hands contrast very well with the black background. However, the digital display can only be clearly seen upright. The 22 millimetres band width doesn’t make this oversized watch look disproportionate, because the case-band transition is very smooth. Despite some shortcomings, such as weak LED light and quite-hard-to-read digital windows, this watch still offers you a lot of useful values like superb durability, high accuracy and practical timing features.



MTG-B1 triple zero Analog Stainless Steel Watch.

This G-Shock watch is beautifully designed and assembled.It has a new core guard case structure that consists of a box-shaped steel frame that connects the bezel, back cover, and band mounts for a stronger structure by bolstering the surfaces rather than the axes against impacts. The case is polished to a mirror finish on some of the parts and has beautiful slopes on some of the edges. Three prominent centrally mounted analog hands display the hours, minutes, and seconds. It has a decent size and weighs around 123 grams. The watch has 2 hundred -meter water resistance as well. The app also serves as a “second screen” to the watch which allows you to adjust and set various features such as the alarm or the countdown timer. The solar and ambient light is ”collected” via the solar cells incorporated into this watch, and then converted to energy for the movement.The battery can last for roughly 18-months with the power-saving function.



DW-9052-1V Digital Military Watch.

This smart design element makes the watch incredibly comfortable to wear because the strap has a lot of freedom of movement when it’s on the wrist. The watch has black resin straps and bezel, with a grey dial that is covered by mineral crystal. The bezel is structured to protect the case and buttons from hitting the surface when you drop the watch. The four mode buttons are made from hard, gray plastic and have raised grips to aid in pressing them if the watch is wet. This digital watch could survive a 32 foot fall, one hundred meters in water without leaking and severe shock and vibration thanks to its floating module that was protected by foam. Its digital screen consists of an auto LED backlight that will help you tell the time, especially when you use it in the dark. It is just the right size for great legibility. The 3232 module uses a lithium CR 20 16 battery that is rated to approximately 2 years of life and an accuracy of plus minus 15 seconds per month.



GA-9 hundred  Analog-Digital.

Priced with affordability in mind, but with bold designs and an aggressive stance, the new Casio G-Shock GA 9 hundred  A, collection is the Japanese watchmaker’s latest “heavy-duty” watch for the urban fashion market. The new 10 sided bezel has cemented the shape and look of this new model as a rugged and tough watch made for industrial workers. The Casio GA four easily found buttons are large and textured. They’re ensconced in shrouds that nearly encircle them as guards. In Time Mode, you have a choice of displaying the time in digital format or the day and date in the LCD panel. While it lacks the increasingly popular solar rechargeable battery and Multi-Band 6 atomic clock syncing, the battery is rated for seven years. The backlight is a bright LED and scatters the light evenly across the entire dial surface. It is a decent choice for anyone looking for a good watch with durability, style and design.



DW-56 hundred E-1V Classic Square Digital Watch.

Having the classic electronic watch design, it's one of the best selling G-shocks of all time. Casio's standard four-button system takes care of adjustments and modes including timers and a world time function. Its all-black look together with its funky digital screen and its now-iconic rectangular shape gives 80s vibes. A large display with a negative LCD readout offers easy at-a-glance timekeeping. Speaking of size and fit on the hand, this is one of the smallest G-Shocks on the market and weighs just 54 grams. With its high-tech functions, shock resistance, and comfortable resin strap, this Casio watch is a reliable go-to timepiece. The watch is rated to 2 hundred  meters of water resistance and can survive a 10-meter fall. It also boasts a stipulated battery life of 10 years. Even if you eventually move on to more exotic or specialized watches, there’s always a place for the incredible value the DW-56 hundred  provides.