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Best Tech Gifts Under $50 For 2021

You no longer have to break the bank to treat someone you care about to a great tech upgrade on a tight budget. There are many affordable alternatives you can buy for yourself or for a tech-savvy friend to enjoy. Here is a list of 10 coolest and the most useful tech gadgets and gifts you can buy under 50 bucks. 

Wyze Cam Security Camera.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the company's first camera designed for outdoor use, and like its other models, it delivers sharp 1080p video at a ridiculously low price. It's a great camera that looks nice and is easy to set up and use. Wyze continues to offer two weeks of free cloud storage with this camera, as well as a built-in microSD card slot if local storage is more your thing. It comes with a small base station hub, the camera, mounting hardware, and a LAN cable. It's powered by a rechargeable battery that is rated to last between three to six months depending on use before requiring a recharge. With Alexa and Google, you can view live video streams from your Wyze cameras on a compatible smart display, like an Amazon Echo Show or a Google Nest Hub, by using a simple voice command. If you're looking for an affordable weatherproof home security camera, the Wyze Cam Outdoor should definitely be in the running.



AUKEY Power Bank.

Buying a portable power bank can be a tricky process, especially in the modern age of USB Power Delivery. Thankfully, for those of you looking for a battery that can quickly charge just about any device, Aukey's new Power Bank is a good option. It is a sleek, slimline power bank with 18W Power Delivery output, Quick Charge 3.0 output, and Adaptive Charging USB output to charge all your USB-C and USB-powered gear. Powered by INOV Technology for fine-tuned power output and more optimized charging cycles, it can refuel devices up to four times faster than conventional charging. It is lightweight and portable and easily slips into your pocket or bag for accessible power anywhere you go. The build quality is a solid one. The charger is made of plastic but it holds together very well and the charging ports are great to use because they hold charging cables that you input into them very well.. It also includes a special mode to charge low-current devices like wireless headphones and fitness trackers.



LANMODO Car Umbrella Set.

For people who really love and care for their cars, the LANMODO Car Windshield is a revolutionary product. It is a tent-like umbrella that you can fix on your car while it is parked in the open. It snaps on to the car pretty easily and can be removed easily either by a suction mechanism or some other design. It has a foldable and portable design which makes it easy to install and store wherever you want. Made of Houstin titanium silver glue cloth, it has a strong heat insulation ability. It's Anti-uv and water-resistance cloth design make it useful for car sun protection and shielding people from sun, rain and snow as well. It has a strong structure and is made up of good quality material. It is produced with environmentally material, therefore no harmful gas will be generated under high temperatures.



Eufy Smart Scale.

Eufy Smart Scale is the most reliable scale out and has a very user-friendly app. The app, available for iOS and Android, is very easy to navigate and provides detailed data and reports of your weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR and more. The Eufy Smart Scale C1 has a sleek glass platform, and is available in black, white and blue. Unlike the other scale, which uses Wi-Fi, the Eufy uses Bluetooth, which requires that you have your phone nearby to send data to the EufyLife app. Smart Scale supports multiple device pairings, eliminating the need to connect and disconnect when changing users. The Eufy scale supports up to 16 different users in the app. Simply select the correct user in the Eufy app and all of your data and metrics from the smart scale will sync to that profile in the mobile app. For ultimate convenience, EufyLife syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit to store all your data in one convenient, centralized location for easy viewing.



Sphero Mini Robot Ball.

Have an amazing time with your friends or in your free time with the amazing Sphero Mini Robot Ball that combines technology and leisure for the perfect outcome. The robot ball can be connected via Bluetooth within a distance of 10 metres to provide you with strong and proper connectivity as the ball also acts as a game controller for arcade kind of gaming. The peppy face drive feature uses your facial expressions to move the ball that can lead to hilarious results. Apart from giving you a unique gaming experience, the Sphero Mini Robot Ball also boasts of a very attractive design giving you a very cool vibe while gaming. The robot ball comes with a little gyroscope, accelerometer while the LED lights give it a very funky look. It is powered by the free Sphero Edu app. You can use it to create and customize games and code Sphero Mini by drawing on your screen, using drag and drop coding blocks, or writing JavaScript. It is especially recommended for the new generation of inventors and changemakers who want to have a hands-on applied learning of coding, science, music and the arts.


Ampulla MiniS Speakers.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have music accompanied while cycling/sporting/cooking etc ? Ampulla MiniS Portable Bluetooth Speakers are your personal stereo you can take anywhere. With the magnetic base of MiniS, you can simply attach the TWS speakers to any metal surface you like. Additionally, they have armbands so that you can use them when you are running. With 360° Sound TWS Stereo - Rich, beautiful sound created by 4.2 version and has an impressive 8 hrs continuous playback. The best part is that it only takes 50 minutes to charge up properly. The two speakers can be separated and work individually or can be paired for fully immersive stereo sound. You can keep them in your pocket when there is no magnetic object nearby. It is very lightweight and compact. These magnetic wireless speakers are something that everyone must-have, especially if you are a biker or frequent traveler.



The Six-in-One Swiss Army Knife.

This universal cable connector has four different types of cable inputs/outputs, offering all the connectivity possibilities you’ll ever need. It is very lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It has magnetic attachment capabilities, so you can snap the heads together and hang it on your keychain with ease. This device allows you to charge and sync at the same time, allowing you to quickly transfer data from your mobile device to your PC or laptop while it's charging. This EDC charge solution is small and is versatile. The magnets have a great hold and you don’t need to worry about losing it at all. The inCharge 6 has a zinc-aluminum alloy metal housing, TPU cable guard, and 90 braided copper wires and is made of high-quality materials. This mini gadget is a must have gadget for people who don’t want to bring multiple cables everyday to work and away from home, as it’s tiny and easy to carry,


Luna Controller.

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming platform powered by Amazon’s ubiquitous cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services. Like other cloud gaming platforms, it allows consumers to stream games instantly to a number of devices. While Luna is compatible with tons of different controllers, Amazon offers its own Luna controller. With a slew of unique features and a low-latency mode, it’s a great choice for Luna subscribers. The controller hardware itself is competently designed. Of all the new gamepads out there, the Luna's design is closest to that of the most recent edition of Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller, with the standard pair of thumb sticks offset by a direction pad in between them. The Luna controller isn't unique in terms of how it feels in your hands, or in its ability to connect to a PC, an iOS device or a Fire TV. Its Wi-Fi connection is what stands out. It's the easiest way to set it up and move between devices. If you’re an Amazon Luna subscriber, the Luna Controller is a must-use.



iHome Wi-FI Smart Plug.

Smart plugs are designed to make it easy to turn an everyday appliance, like a table lamp, into something that you can control with your smartphone or other smart home devices. iHome's ISP6X is one of the best smart plugs on the market that does all this well. This  SmartPlug offers an ideal combination of affordability, features, and third-party support, making it easy to control just about anything in your home from your phone. It's plug has a white face with gray sides. On the left side of the plug is a button to turn whatever's connected to the plug on or off. Next to the button are tiny status lights for power and Wi-Fi connectivity. The beauty of iHome's iSP6X is that it works with just about everything, making it a great choice whether you're a brand loyalist, or if you prefer to mix and match devices from various manufacturers.



POWERUP Smartphone Controlled Paper.

Transform ordinary paper planes into smartphone-controlled flying machines with the PowerUp 3.0 . It's the first ever Smartphone Controlled fun drone that paper plane fans will definitely love. It allows you to control your plane using the flight interface and tilting your phone in the direction you want to fly. Thanks to the new onboard computer and stabilizers, the PowerUp helps your plane fly even if it’s not perfectly aerodynamic. It is built from carbon fiber and nylon-reinforced plastic. It is durable enough to withstand the force of almost any landing. With 55 meter range and 10 minutes of flight time capability, it has a decent battery which can be replenished in just 25 minutes so that you can quickly get back to flying. Even if your plane goes a little too far, it’ll land safely so you don’t lose it. With PowerUp, anyone could test and experience the principles of flight or just relive their childhood.