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30 Top Secret Gift Ideas for James Bond Fans

James Bond is an icon of the cinema, having featured in some of the most influential actions films ever! Since it was first adapted for big-screen in 1962, James Bond movies have inspired fantasy, adventure, smooth-talking, and style for fans all over the world.
As for fans of James Bond, it can be difficult selecting a gift for those special occasions. From scents, to toys, to 007 reading materials, this list of James Bond-themed gifts will put a smile on anybody's face, even fans that have everything. These gifts span across generations of Bonds. Below is a list of the best James Bond gift ideas, to help you bring a little more 007 into your life. With this said, let's see what Q would recommend for use to use in our secret mission.


1. Paracord Knife Multitool Bracelet
In this world of multi-tasking, you need a multi-tool to keep up with the pace from thrilling camping adventures to day to day obstacles. This Paracord Knife Multi-tool Bracelet keeps up with your lifestyle and ensures your safety.


2. Cell Phone Stun Gun with LED Flashlight
Don't be afraid of your attacker, no matter how stronger he/she is if you have this stun gun. Always carry this handy cell phone stun gun with you to incapacitate your attacker within seconds. The magical jolt of this beautiful stun gun is upgraded with the highest voltage enough for your defense.


3. A-K Band Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band
The Anti-Kidnapping Band is designed to allow you to carry escape tools in your watch band. It’s a wearable insurance policy for military personnel, foreign aid workers, and journalists in conflict zones, as well as for travelers in countries with a high risk of kidnapping for ransom.


4. Credit Card Knife Multi Tool
These are great gifts for men, dad, husband, or boyfriend. It's the ultimate pocket knife credit card survival tool. These cards are made razor sharp, and are absolutely legit.


5. Ecocapsule Self Sustainable Micro Home
Ecocapsule is smart, self-sustainable micro-unit, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places off the grid and out of reach of infrastructure, of course with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule sustainable home is your design way to independent living. It can become a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station or anything you want it to be. We have engineered the product from scratch to be as self-sufficient, practical and functional as possible.


6. Foldable 60W Portable Solar Panel with USB Outputs
High conversion efficiency up to 23%, building up a Portable Solar-Generator System together with Jackery Explorer 160/240/500 power station (sold separately). Ideally suited for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages (The solar panel can't charge Explorer 440/Powerpro).


7. 2021 Ford Bronco
This is something bad-ass Q would recommend for the bad guys. After a two-decade hiatus and months of leaks, the Ford Bronco is finally back for 2021. Ford officially unveiled the Bronco SUV and the Bronco Sport crossover tonight. It is making a controversial comeback with cooler retro style and innovative features, and impressive off-road capabilities. 



8. High Power Stun Gun Pen
With acts of violent behavior against women an ever-expanding threat, everyone needs a nonpoisonous weapon for self-protection. The new pain pen stun gun is the best solution to protect you from the attacker!



9. ICON A5 Light Sport Amphibious Aircraft
Whether you’re seeking your next adventure or you simply want to reinvent the weekend getaway, the A5 makes flying more exciting and more accessible than ever before. The Icon A5 can land both on water and on land.


10. Food Grade Cut Resistant Gloves
Regain your confidence chopping and slicing with these cut resistant gloves made of materials four times stronger than leather. These cut resistant gloves let you handle your grater, knives, and mandolin slicer while worrying less about bandaging a finger or worse.


11. Carbon Fiber Card Holder Money Clip
This carbon fiber wallet can block RFID signal, your credit cards and personal information will be protected to prevent unwanted RFID scans from RFID scanning thieves and electronics pick pocketing.


12. 8-Days Survival Food Packs
Are you prepared? The 'Just in Case' Food Supply, The survival food packs backup for the situations such as natural disasters or outdoors camping trip. This is the best possible food in the smallest possible volume. Created to supply the body with all the daily essential vitamins and minerals needed when facing uncertainty. The compact design allows for easy storage and is perfect for individual emergency kits.


13. Hidden Spy Pen Camera
Built-in polymer Lithium batteries with intelligent power management system, High temperature resistant and large capacity batteries can ensure long-term work. Continuous video for 60 minutes and standby time is 120 minutes.


14. Tactical Survival Subscription Box
Crate Club is a subscription box filled with high-quality tactical gear and survival goodies that’ll get you better equipped for the next zombie invasion. That’s the short version.


15. Mini Scuba Dive Tank
Mini Scuba Diving Tank is a must-have in every diver’s gear bag. Mini Dive Tank was developed to allow everyone to breathe normally underwater for several minutes regardless of the application. Also you'll be able to re-fill it easily with a special high pressure hand pump. This is very simply to use, you can fill the tank anywhere within minutes.


16. Biometric Smart Handgun Safe
If you have a handgun in your possession, the chances are you will want to store it somewhere where you will be able to access it quickly in case you need it, but also somewhere where your children won’t be able to reach it. If that is so, you will need one of these biometric pistol safes.


17. MacBook Protector Privacy Screen
Not only protects privacy but also protects eyes from damage. It can filter out 30% blue light and 99% UV from screen and also does good to protect eyesight.



18. Life Armor Emergency Disaster Pods
With Hurricane Sandy having come and gone and leaving a long trail of destruction and debris, Japan introduces Life Armor, which may be able to prevent more casualties in the next natural disaster.


19. Cache BELT Survival Belt
The belt is a money belt, travel tool, survival kit, or whatever else you make it. The Cache Belt™ features a top-loading velcro enclosure that allows direct access to items, at any point along with the velcro pocket, while wearing the belt. The hook & loop closure reassures that the velcro has no single failure point.


20. British Military Surplus Blast Shorts with Kevlar
When you're in the heat of battle, these British Military Surplus Blast Shorts will keep you and future generations safe from dangerous blows. Blast Shorts are made from 100% nylon and come equipped with an adjustable waist belt and 1" web straps for secure attachment. Plus, the Kevlar® inserts provide added protection where you need it most.


21. Titanium Escape Ring
The Titanium Escape Ring adds another tool to the operator's E&E options for escaping captivity. It's a simple but elegant-looking ring made of titanium, cut from solid barstock and polished to a mirror finish.


22. Fireproof Document Bag
This fire safe document bag is coated with high tech non-itchy silicone. You don't need gloves to get your valuables in and out. With all the high-quality materials and upgraded technology, this fireproof document bag is able to survive fires and perform reliably in all weather conditions.


23. USB Killer 3.0 Pro Kit
You probably have only seen this in spy movies. But now you can own a USB stick too that destroys anything in its path. Once you plug in this USB kill stick, it will rapidly charge its capacitors from the USB power supply and then discharge it, permanently disabling any unprotected equipment.


24. Secret Storage Compartment Insoles
Ensure your most valuable possessions remain safe while you’re out-and-about by stashing them inside these secret storage compartment insoles.


25. The Shirt-Pocket Video Drone
Three speed settings enable beginners, advanced fliers, and expert aerial acrobats to perform everything from basic hovering and advanced maneuvers. It provides up to seven-minute flight times from a 45-minute charge through the USB cable.


26. Magnetic Shark Repellent Band
You may be one of thousands of people who enjoy surfing, boating, spear fishing, or even diving, and let us be honest, at least one time you thought about sharks. Deep blue sea and Jaw movie series have brought goose bumps and probably unknown fear of being underwater.


27. DroneGun Tactical Long Range Portable Drone Countermeasure
The only thing growing faster than the global drone population is the population of people thinking - how can I knock these annoying things out of the sky.


28. Star Trek Kirk Fu Manual
In unabashed celebration of Captain James T. Kirk’s singular fighting skills, Star Trek Kirk Fu Manual is every Starfleet cadet must have training guide for surviving the final frontier.


29. LED Flashlight Gloves
LED Flashlight Gloves is a great assistant by providing a 3rd helping hand when you need someone to hold a light while you work in the dark. This is a must have item for every car in case you get into car troubles at night. You could use it for hitchhiking as well.



30. Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar
Last but not least you'll need a ride. And we know that Q always chooses an Aston Martin for James, so why not a hypercar for the gentleman who can afford such luxury. Valkyrie is Aston Martin’s first ever hypercar and it leaves nothing in reserve and only 150 will ever be made.