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30 Hilarious Gifts Guaranteed to Get a Laugh

We all love receiving gifts. But, we can not just receive gifts, we have to give gifts to others as well.
And sometimes, it’s hard to find the right kind of gift. Some gifts are sentimental, some are gifts that are given for the sake of giving gifts, and then comes the gifts that make you laugh all over the place.
Here we have compiled a list of 30 gifts that will surely get a laugh. So, let’s get started.

1. Frickin' Cricket Hidden Annoying Sound Prank
Gadgets that make weird noises are the classic pranks. Spice up your boring workplace by fitting these devices in unseen places and their annoying sound will declare a laughing break.


2. 3D Printed Lucky Golden Poo
Put this at a place where someone regular sits like at a work table or dining table. And just wait for their reaction. I'm sure they’ll love it and bless you with a smile.


3. Star Wars Darth Wader Silicon Oven Mitt
It’s nearly impossible to not have someone in your life that is a star wars-geek. Gift these funny yet practical pair of gloves to him and he will start jumping.


4. Custom Picture Personalized Car Air Freshener
This might be the funniest way to annoy a friend. Put this in your car and invite your friend for a fun drive.


5. Always Be Yourself Batman Funny T-shirt
T-shirts with funny prints are always awesome gifts. You can gift this to both your male and female friend and they will look savage in this.


6. Crappy Infinity Gauntlet 1:1 Replica Avengers Infinity War
Gift this funny replica to any “marvel-savvy” you know and they'll love it. But make sure to tell them, they can't do dishes with these.


7. Infrared Camera Multicolored Halloween Costume Adults
Looking for a costume that will blow everybody's mind at the Halloween party. Well, there you have it. A super weird costume that stands out.


8. Flippy The Evil Garden Gnome
If you are looking for a savage housewarming gift, this is a perfect one. I bet nobody can ignore this when put in a garden.


9. Own A Piece Of The Sun
Can there be anything more silly than owning a piece of the sun? Well, now you have exactly it. A bright memento that will look incredible on the shelf.


10. Organic $100 Bill Rolling Papers
Seeing someone's reaction when they encounter fake money is always a great moment. Prank your friends with these organic $100 bills.


11. Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar
Let your friends guess. They will never understand why you are carrying a fire extinguisher when there's no fire. Surprise them at the right moment with your portable mini-bar.


12. What If? Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions
A book that doesn’t only look good on the shelf, but also is quite interesting. As the name suggests, it exactly answers absurd questions that start with “what if”.


13. Condom Shaped Novelty USB Flash Drive
When you put your hands in the pocket and everyone expects a USD drive and you pull out a Condom. Record their reaction when they realize it's actually a USB drive.


14. Santa Cruz Jeremy Fish LTD Weird Beard Cruzer Skateboard
A skateboard that will enhance your skateboarding skills by 44% almost instantly. It has got a beard after all.



15. The Scale Of Things: Mind-blowing proportions Coffee Table Book
Looking to dominate your next dinner party. Here is a book that has facts more astounding than the appearance of the book itself.


16. Naughty Valentines Day Plush Bears With Penis
Since we are talking about how size matters. Your girlfriend likes cute little plushy bears, huh? Surprise her with this naughty bear and you might hear her best laugh.


17. Flying G.O.A.T Basketball Drunk Wiper Tag
Somebody in your group bought a new car? Gift them this Wipertag. Wipertags are relatively rare so I'm sure your friend will love it.


18. Harry Chest Printed Funny One Piece Swimsuit
Planning a trip to a beach? Scare your boyfriend or husband with this hilarious swimsuit. Don't forget to click some memorable pictures though.

19. Cat-Astrophe Cats Stacking Game
Everybody loves playing games. This game has everything to keep you and your group entertained for a boring summer afternoon.


20. WENGER 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife
This one is for serious buyers. The largest swiss army knife you can probably buy on the Internet. This knife has a whopping 141 functions with a 12-inch body.


21. F*CKING Finally Funny Engagement Gift Mug
If you have a close friend who is going to marry soon, gift him/her this hilarious mug. You can even personalize this mug with a custom text.


22. Mushroom Penis Lipsticks
Warning: Not every girl will like this gift. Only gift this to someone who takes jokes lightly. For more fun, you can click a picture of someone using this lipstick.


23. Wildcat Mini BMX Bikes
These mini bikes are super fun. It's not just for kids, they are designed to support an adults weight. Take one of these to a skate park and nobody would get their eyes off you.


24. Beer Tie Hands Free Drink Holder
Running out of hands at a party? This tie lets you carry one extra beer with you. But, to be honest this is less about functionality and more about looking cool.


25. If You Can Read This Bring Me Chocolates Funny Socks
Don't let these plushy socks fool you. They will make you buy chocolates. You can impress a girl by giving her these socks at a Christmas, holiday, or bachelor’s party.


26. Penis Coloring Book For Adults
Are you looking for a present that nobody believes exists? Here’s a penis coloring book for adults. But beware, this book is not for children.


27. 3-D Skull Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray
Impress your guests with ice cubes they have never seen. Create 3-D skull-shaped ice cubes with this tray and your guests will remember your party forever.


28. Would Poop Here Again Funny Toilet Décor Sign
Go to your friend’s house and put this on the door after using their toilet and leave. Now just wait for them to call you.


29. No Bitchin In My Kitchen Funny Cooking Apron
I know you got a friend that loves cooking. Gift him/her this funny yet practical apron that will remind them of you every time they cook.


30. Red Heart Kitty Carpet Toupee Gag Gift
Arguably, the funniest one of these gag gifts is this piece of naughty wearable item. What better way to say LOVE YOU... Just try it and I bet you will have a great time with your boo.