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10 Smart Doorbells To Keep Your Home Safe

Whether it's opportunity knocking, an annoying salesperson, or a suspicious stranger, now you can safely monitor your porch and decide if you want to answer the door—without getting anywhere near it. Wireless doorbell cameras are a great intro to smart home devices. They send push notifications when they detect motion, record video day or night, and have two-way audio for talking with guests at your door. Check out 10 of the best smart video doorbells you can buy right now.


Number 10. Eufy Video Doorbell 2K.

Want a video doorbell but don't want to spend a fortune? The Eufy Security 2K Video Doorbell by Anker provides a low-cost way to install a video doorbell in place of your existing, wired doorbell. The Eufy Video Doorbell is a sleek-looking black rectangle. A large, friendly-looking button on the bottom glows a dull yellow when the doorbell is ready to use. It's a wired doorbell, which means that Eufy's offering requires a 19-volt AC wired power source. The Eufy Security app also offers a number of modes for different situations. Home and Away modes are for, well, when you are at home or away and want to be notified when someone is at your door. Disarmed mode turns off the motion detection but still notifies you when someone is at the door. This battery-powered doorbell can shoot up to 180 days on a single charge. It shoots in 2K resolution, has no subscription fees, and comes with all the features that pretty much all the other cameras come with.



Number 9. Google’s Nest Hello.

When we talk about video doorbells, the Nest Hello is one we almost never leave out. Launched in 2018 by Google Nest, it’s a sleek-looking, hardwired video doorbell with a compelling and robust set of features. The Nest Hello has a 1600 by 1200 resolution, 160-degree viewing angle, HDR, and infrared night vision, which is made for a clear picture day or night. Not only does the Nest Hello integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa; it also works well in conjunction with other Nest cameras and products. It has a minimalist, capsule-like design that is nice-looking without calling too much attention to itself. The Nest Hello is able to distinguish people from moving objects, animals, and vehicles, resulting in necessary notifications only. And with Nest Aware, we could even put a name to familiar faces, which made our notifications even more specific. The Nest Hello is the smartest video doorbell available today, and a really solid choice for every tech enthusiast.




Number 8. Arlo Video Doorbell.

With Arlo Video Doorbell, you can see more at your door. See a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with 180-degree view. It gets a clear picture with detailed HD with HDR video ensuring you can see even in low light or bright conditions. The Arlo Video Doorbell includes a built-in siren, which is both convenient and useful for our home’s security. It connects directly to Wi-Fi without the clutter of extra gear. The Arlo Essential Doorbell Wired is weather-resistant and delivers fast and easy installation to get the perfect camera view, year-round. Know who’s there, even in the dark with night vision. You can also receive a video call to your phone to hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio or respond with pre-recorded quick reply messages when you are busy. It has a lot of advanced features, and its essential features -- like live streaming, motion alerts, two-way audio and cloud storage also work as expected. 



Number 7. Ring 3 Plus.

Like Ring's other doorbells, the 3 Plus has all the basics -- HD live streaming, night vision, motion detection, alerts, motion zones and two-way audio. The 3 Plus battery is designed to last for up to six months with regular use. In an effort to conserve battery life, Pre-Roll footage, that is the four additional seconds captured before motion is actually detected, is shown in lower resolution and in black and white. In the case of a potential theft or other security issue, these four seconds give you extra time to see what's happening. The 3 Plus is easy to set up, especially if you stick with the battery installation. This doorbell works with Alexa and you should be able to view the live feed and saved clips directly on your Alexa-enabled display. If you're in the market for a new doorbell, particularly a battery-powered model, the 3 Plus is a good option. 



Number 6. Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell.

Toucan Video Doorbell is a good standalone wireless video doorbell. The video resolution is crisp and you can easily see visitors with the camera's night vision. The 180 degree wide angle is as good as you will get from any other smart video doorbell. Communication is also clear on both ends of the line. However, the PIR motion sensor is very sensitive. You can adjust the motion sensor sensitivity in the app, choosing from four settings: Max, High, Medium and Low.  The Toucan doorbell can be used without a subscription and you don’t lose any significant functionality. It is recommended for any homeowner or renter who doesn't already have a smart home security system. It can also work for small businesses that want an easy to install, wireless video doorbell that also doesn't require a hub.



Number 5. RemoBell S Doorbell.

The RemoBell S is a super affordable doorbell camera. If you want to keep an eye out for packages, or just get footage of the neighborhood raccoons busting into your trash bins. Remo provides one flat and two angled mounts, so you can optimize the camera’s viewing angle. It streams all your live videos in high quality HD with 180º wide angle and infrared vision. It also provides a dewarping option available for live view. It's simple, elegant and effective. The top of the Remobell S, which is rectangular with rounded ends, has a large circular camera and the bottom has a large silvery button. Remo also gives you three days of rolling cloud storage for free but if you want to save videos. Remo's paid storage plan costs the same as Ring's.



Number 4. Vivint Video Doorbell Pro.

Vivint offers one of the best professionally installed and monitored smart home security solutions on the market. Using Smart Deter technology, the Doorbell Camera Pro doesn’t just record crime, it actively helps prevent it. When it spots someone trying to take a package, it activates an LED ring and 65 dB speaker, letting the potential thief know they’ve been caught on camera. It features powerful infrared night vision and crystal-clear 1080p HDR resolution. Unlike wireless video doorbell cameras that are battery powered, the Doorbell Camera Pro is wired to maintain constant connectivity, making it the most effective porch protection available. You can also customize surveillance zones to protect your entire porch or just a specific part of it, eliminating false alarms triggered by pets and pedestrians. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro gives you a wide, crystal-clear view of your doorstep and offers excellent zooming capabilities, package detection, and voice control.



Number 3. Abode Outdoor Smart Camera.

Abode’s simple security equipment and smart Iota security camera pack a wallop when it comes to smart home compatibility. With Smart Detect technology, your camera can intelligently detect and alert you when someone is spotted so you can take appropriate action. This camera conveniently installs in your existing wired doorbell mount. With a built-in motion sensor, it can tell you when someone is approaching your door and can even trigger your doorbell chime. Using abode's automation engine, you can also use an integration like Alexa to call out when someone is at the front door to make your doorbell even smarter. You can also use this Smart Camera as a standalone device without the need for an abode gateway. If you are looking for just a video solution without whole-home security protection, this is the perfect way to take advantage of this extremely powerful camera.




Number 2. Ring Video Doorbell.

Ring’s new Doorbell Pro 2 is the best video doorbell yet from a company that has nearly become a household name for video doorbells. It has an excellent field of view and video quality. Plus it has plenty of customizable features for notifications and recording zones; and speedy performance, whether that’s sending alerts to your phone or smart speaker when someone rings the bell or pulling up the live feed from the Ring app on a phone. It comes with all the tools you need to install and set up your Doorbell in just minutes. The app is well-designed with user experience in mind. You can link all your Ring devices to the Ring app and control your entire home security from one easy-to-use dashboard. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers almost everything you'd want in a smart doorbell. It's fairly easy to install, sports a slender design with interchangeable faceplates, and delivers sharp 1080p video day and night.




Number 1. Maximus DualCam Doorbell.

Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell equipped with two cameras that let you see both people at the door and packages that have been delivered. As with most smart doorbells, the Answer is easy to install and offers motion detection, and it delivers relatively sharp HD video. You will get instant push notifications when people and cars come by. Kuna's algorithms ignore falling leaves, small bugs, and other unimportant activity. With HDR the Maximus Answer provides a crystal clear Live Feed viewing experience. The Answer DualCam is a fairly standard-looking video doorbell, a candy bar-size device in an attractive gray finish and a big, friendly-looking button on the front. Above this is the cyclopean eye of the first camera, tilted up at a slight angle. The Maximus Answer DualCam is a nice idea that is pretty well executed. It is simple to use and works well day and night. 


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