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10 Best 4K Drones For 2021

A drone can never be complete if it does not come with a good camera. That is why we have prepared for you a list of 10 amazing drones for aerial photography with a 4K camera. Whether you want to battle Star Wars spaceships or shoot a cinematic masterpiece, one of these picks is going to be perfect for you.

Number 10. Ruko U11 GPS Drones.

If you are looking for a good quality aerial camera for selfies, travel footage and other, get the U11. It is designed for just that and it will not cost you too much. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone user, this aircraft comes with good features and functions. The two batteries with 20 minutes of flight time each are a nice touch for this quadcopter. With a stable hover mode, you can take videos and photos without distortion especially if there is no wind. This drone comes highly recommended for beginners as well as advanced users. It has many functions and the camera takes noteworthy footage. 



    Number 9. EACHINE GPS Drone.

    The Eachine is a smart camera drone that represents a solid alternative to a large number of well-known drones from the market. It is an affordable quadcopter with a built-in 4K camera, foldable design, lightweight frame, and a host of other features and functionalities. The E520S comes equipped with a 1200mAh battery. On a single charge, the drone flies for approximately 15 minutes. Most other comparable drones don’t even come close to this kind of endurance. The build quality, portability, flight time, and endurance are other aspects that push the value proposition higher. Long story short, if the prospect of taking beautiful aerial footage at a cost excites you, the Eachine E520S is what you should be looking at. 


      Number 8. SNAPTAIN 4K GPS Drone with UHD Camera .

      For starters, this big drone comes with a flight battery that provides up to 26 minutes. Which is actually pretty good for an entry-level camera drone at this price tag when compared to premium drones such as Mavic Air 2 and Autel EVO 2 which both have 34 and 40 minutes flight time, respectively. The Snaptain SP7100 drone has a maximum flight range of 800 meters. The maximum image transmission range is 400 meters and it can go as high as 120 meters above the ground level. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, you can command the Snaptain SP7100 drone to perform intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me Mode, Orbit Mode, Customize Waypoint Mode and even Gesture Mode. There’s also a number of safety features that beginners and recreational remote pilots will absolutely love to have.




      Number 7. Tomzon D25 4K DRONE .

      It is a small, lightweight and affordable drone that performs pretty well in gusty conditions. By design, it is foldable, which makes it small enough to pop into your pocket when you are going out of the house. This quadcopter has a beautiful modern look, coming in a grey color looking very similar with the popular DJI Mavic mini quadcopter. The drone is covered with high quality ABS Plastic that will protect the drone and its inside components very well at impacts. This mini drone comes with two batteries. They are 3.7V 1100mAH Batteries. Combined, they will give you a flight time of 24 minutes. To sum up this review, we can say that the Tomzon D25 Quadcopter has a beautiful and modern design, its 4k camera is great and the features and flight modes are amazing.



      Number 6. SANROCK B5W GPS Drones.

      This quadcopter not only comes with a great and very impressive design that will capture your attention from the first sight, but it also has amazing built in components and performant flight features, which makes it a perfect drone to start your pilot experience with. The drone comes with a 7.6V 2420 mAh battery that will offer you a continuous flight experience of around 23 minutes. But you can opt in for purchasing another battery if you are looking for a longer flight experience. Being a modular battery you can very easily add or remove it from your drone. The SANROCK B5W Quadcopter offers an amazing flight experience, being very easy to control even by the users with little or no experience at all. It is a very resistant drone and because of its 4K camera, this drone is a perfect match for every beginner but also for more experienced drone users. 



      Number 5. SYMA X500 4K Drone.

      The Syma X500 4K drone is a great entry-level drone that you’d want to carry around during your outdoor adventures. The X500 drone comes with two batteries. These are Li-ion batteries and some of their benefits include holding the charge longer, charge faster and are generally high quality. For instance, each battery can give you a maximum flight time of 28 minutes. Therefore, collectively, the two can give you a flight time of 56 minutes. The Syma X500 does have some GPS flight modes. It has a circle, tap to fly, follow me and return to home mode. It is pretty compact and lightweight for portability and boasts various high-performance features. 



      Number 4. Parrot Anafi drone.

      The Parrot Anafi seems like it was designed from the ground up with world travel in mind. It's one of the smallest drones we've seen with a real 4K camera and gimbal stabilization. The camera gimbal can tilt up and down a full 180 degrees, meaning not only can it shoot straight down, but also straight up, enabling it to capture some unique angles. Shoot a slackliner from underneath ? Flying the Anafi isn't much fun either. Out of the box, its response to the controls is extravagantly sluggish. Battery life is very good. Parrot advertises 25 minutes of flight per charge. The battery charges via a USB-C port. It requires about 2.5 hours to charge using a standard AC adapter, but you can shave an hour off by using a high-speed model. The Anafi is an excellent performer in its own right, and includes features you don't get from the Mavic—digital zoom, HDR video, and Hyperlapse to name a few. 



      Number 3. DEERC GPS Drone.

      This 4K quadcopter that fuels your creativity with a camera that can rotate 90° to capture ultra detailed stills and video at 4K resolution. The drone is made of solid material for durable, trouble-free performance during your journey and exploration. The foldable design for drone arm and propeller allows easy storage and transport. With the gimbal stabilization, the 4K camera can provide you ultra-clear, super-smooth footage of your adventures. It comes with 2 intelligent batteries that extend the flight time up to 52 minutes. Combo design and carry case making it easy to take away and travel. With GPS positioning, you can always get the accurate location of your drone, automatically fly back when the drone loses signal or loses power. 



      Number 2. Potensic D58 Drone .

      The upgraded version of the Potensic D58 has a lot going on. First and foremost, onboard you’ll find some very solid camera technology, some above-average movement features, and a number of accessibility options. In terms of appearance, the D58’s quadcopter fuselage has a matte black paintjob that looks generally high-tech. The Potensic D58 is powered by a 7.4v 1000 mAh lipo battery, these are one of the modern modular batteries that easily fit into the back of the drone. As you might imagine based on its control distance, it’s possible to view the footage captured by the camera through the app in real time. 5G transmission keeps the footage moving fast and smooth. It is supposed to be able to stay airborne for a total of 18 minutes from one charge of the battery. So in a price to performance comparison, the D58 seems to be a good value.



      Number 1. DJI Mini 2.

      This is the best beginner drone option you can get on the market. You’re able to receive professional results without it being an overwhelming experience. DJI did a great job making the overall design simple and easy. DJI'S MINI 2, as the name suggests, is the second generation of the company's least-expensive, and in many ways most-compelling, drone. What's notable is the new camera, which can now shoot 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and capture RAW still images. It fits up to three batteries and charges them one by one, starting with the least-drained battery. With a max battery life of 31 minutes, DJI Mini 2 grants more than enough time to compose the perfect shot. DJI Mini 2 is a versatile little machine that is easy and convenient to transport and packs a number of sophisticated features into a small package.



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