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10 Amazing Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

From an Automatic Jar Opener to GPS Pet Tracker, these amazing products all share one important feature: they'll make your life immediately easier. You'll be wishing you found out about these 10 brilliant inventions way before now.

1. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are all the rage nowadays, but one of the first companies to get it right was UE with its Boom series. BOOM 3 delivers loud and immersive 360 degree sound with deep and accurate bass, all carefully balanced so you can hear every note. Rechargeable battery stays powered and pumping tunes for 15 hours. Add the power up charging dock to charge Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 wirelessly so it’s always ready to go on your next musical adventure. BOOM 3 can be totally submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, passing seriously tough durability tests to handle life’s spills and thrills.Play, Pause, Skip and control any streaming music directly on the Bluetooth speaker with 1 touch of a button. They'll fit in your backpack, clip to a bike or almost anything else and will sound great.


2. Light Therapy Lamp.

Unfortunately, staying indoors and sitting for hours before a computer screen is the reality for a lot of us now. Practically every health expert recommends going out for a walk and getting some natural sunlight. However, that’s not always possible. In such cases, this light therapy lamp comes in handy.

With an emulating natural sunlight at 6500K, the light therapy lamp helps you keep energetic and focused. The 33 LEDs deliver the full brightness at only 12W and do not emit any UV light or other polluting radiation. Adjust 3 levels of brightness to accommodate the user’s sensitivity to light, environment, and distance from the lamp. Pressing the button on the bottom or tapping the switch on the top to turn on the lamp or to choose light brightness levels. Use this therapy lamp to recreate the feeling of sitting in the sun even when you're stuck in a cubicle all day.


3. Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener.

Sometimes a lid is so stuck, no amount of muscle or willpower will loosen it. Tapping, prying, rubber grips ? sometimes nothing works! Until now. The OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener makes opening jars amazingly simple, and it can open a wide variety of jars from small to large and every size in-between. The OpenEase Automatic Jar Opener was designed for everyone who opens jars regularly or on occasion, and it's especially helpful for those with limited hand strength or arthritis. OpenEase is the one tool no kitchen should be without because it solves a problem that frustrates everyone from time to time. Simply place the jar opener on top of the jar and press the engage button. Compact for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet opens a wide variety of jar sizes-no jar is too tall. It is durable and built to last.


4. Fabric Shaver.

Equipped with a large 2.5 inch shaving head & powerful 6w motor, this sweater shaver makes shaving quicker and easier. Two spare blades and cleaning brush attached for free to extended lifespan. Plug in use ensures no waste of battery. This cord sweater shaver brings stable and constant strong power to remove lint and balls. Using a battery makes it portable and suitable for quicker and easier moving clean. The adjustable height spacer protects clothes from being cut or snagged and also hands from accidentally touching the shaver foil. The safety lock design prevents the Lint bin from falling out. The comfortable handle design is easy to use.Fast removes pills, lint, and fuzz from clothing, best electric lint remover also works brilliantly on household furniture like sofa, curtains, sheets, blankets and comforters to bring them a fresh new look!


5. Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell.

There are plenty of solutions to let your dog in and out of the door, sometimes even when you're not at home. But if you're looking for a good way to train your dog to have them notify you when they'd like to go outside or even come back in, this unique smart doggie doorbell might do the trick. It's called the Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell and it lets them touch it with their nose or paw to ring a remote doorbell inside the house. Perfect for dogs that scratch the doors a lot to come back inside, the doggie doorbell will give them a more civilized way of letting their owners know they'd like to come back in from outdoors. Though, you could even put it on the inside of the door if the problem lies there. The doggie doorbell works with a range of up to 250 feet away from the doorbell speaker, it's rain, snow, and windproof to work all year round.



6. Motion Detection Toilet Bowl Light.

The built in sensor activates the night light by detecting body heat. The light illuminates the bathroom when you enter and shuts down when you leave. To maximize battery life, the motion sensor turns down the LED toilet light when it detects light. With the Lumilux toilet light, you can make a smart toilet out of your average commode. With an impressive range of colors, our 16 color toilet light will guide you as you seek out your porcelain friend in the dark. You can choose a fixed color to fit your mood or carousel mode for a light up toilet seat show. The adjustable arm can be bent to fit around any toilet bowl rim and provides a more secure fit when compared to toilet lights with suction cups. Additionally, the bendable arm makes it possible to place the motion activated toilet light in other spots as well. With 5 different brightness levels, you can make your toilet bowl glow as dark or as bright as you want.




7. Selfie Light Ring.

Most ring lights are used for taking selfie photos, making YouTube videos, live streaming, makeup, and so on. The Qiaya selfie light ring with all its features is the best selfie light for a new buyer. It offers excellent illumination for photography and recording with cell phone, laptop camera, and other devices. The Qiaya selfie light ring comes with an adjustable tripod stand and a phone holder. It is great for taking selfies, recording makeup or YouTube videos, and more. The bright led ring light also offers 10 levels of brightness settings and three light color modes for the perfect selfie. It works well and a new customer will find it super easy to use this light ring. The Qiaya Selfie light is an excellent product for both beginners and professional users.




8. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker.

A GPS pet tracker can save your cat’s or dog’s life if it ever escapes home. This Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor is the best tracker for most pet owners. Not only is the Whistle 3 as quick and accurate at tracking as any other model we tested, but it also has the longest-lasting battery by far. This means the battery is more likely to have juice if Fido does get out, and you’ll have a better chance of tracking him. While a GPS pet tracker doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a lost cat or dog, the Whistle 3 does give you the best chance of doing so. We also like its hardware and software design much better than that of the other models we tested: It’s easier to use than anything else, and it feels totally secure when attached to a collar.




9. Universal Remote Attachment for Amazon Fire TV Streaming Player.

Control your Amazon Fire TV and multiple other devices such as your TV, Blu-ray, sound bar, DVD Player, amp and more with this all-in-one Sideclick starter kit. This remote attachment starter kit includes the Sideclick slim universal remote and 2 adapter clips to fit all models of Amazon Fire TV.Sideclick is compatible with IR remotes. Control the basic functions of your tv, receiver, sound bar, blu ray and Amazon fire TV. Easy to program using IR learning technology. Sideclick's patent pending clip-on design allows you to maintain fire tv's voice search. Sideclick's clip-on design attaches in a snap and allows you to utilize your streaming remote's voice search feature, which is lost in other universal remote options.



10. USB Powered Stroller Fan.

This mini clip and desk USB personal fan is designed for personal space use, this fan can be placed or clipped to your desk or table for cooling in any situation. This fan features two powerful speed settings, and a lightweight, stylish, and compact design. This is the perfect fan for the office, home, dorm, study, library, games room. With quiet operation, you can keep this by your bedside and sleep comfortably without the noise bothering you. 4 inch blade and 6 inch frame saves your desk space. Adjust the direction of the wind with 360° up and down. With the left and right adjustment, you can enjoy the cool wind from any direction. It is extremely compact, with the usb cable length being about 1.5 meters. Tilt and adjust your fan head for focused cooling power.

USB Powered Stroller Fan